Sunday, May 27, 2012

I finally DID IT! I finally created a blog.  After much encouragement, prayer, and thought...I decided to create a blog about one of my most challenging aspects of life....Single Parent Hood! Many people find themselves in the circle of single parenting for numerous reasons, some situations not as pretty as others, but one thing is for sure, most people do not deliberately plan to be a single parent.  However, we are a circle that is growing steadily and with such growth are challenges, joy, defeats, and unfortunately set backs.  I created this blog for a specific reason, to promote positive single parenting, give advice, a little of my life, and create a platform for single parents who are looking for resources, positive energy, and hope for their situation.  So, if you are visiting my blog to hear me bash fathers or mothers who are not apart of childrens lives, you won't get that...because I firmly believe that single parenting does not mean their can not or is not balanced co-parenting.  I hope you enjoy!

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